Beading Tips and Bracelet Sizing


Check out our helpful videos here:


Our bracelet kits are intended to make bracelets that fit snug but not tight.

*Please note that everyone is different so these recommendations may not work for all.

Below are some sample sizes. You can make any size you’d like. Our kits have enough beads to make 3 6.5” size bracelets. If you are making bigger sizes you will not get as many bracelets out of your kits.

5.5" Toddler: fits up to about 4.5 or 5 years old

6" Child: fits up to about 8 years old

6.5" Big Kid: 8 years old and up

6.5” Adult X-Small

7” Adult Small 

7.5” Adult Medium 

8” Adult Large 

If you are unsure of what size to make, wrap a soft measuring tape around the wrist and add 1/2" to the measurement.  Ex: if the wrist measures 5.5",  make a 6" size bracelet.


Tips for Bracelet Making: 
1. Attach binder clip to pre-stretched elastic, we recommend Stretch Magic. (make sure you stretch your elastic before starting, we show how to do it in our video!)
2. String on beads. 
3. Measure flat (toddler 5.5”, child 6”, big kid 6.5”). 
4. Remove binder clip and tie in a knot 3 times.  
5. Put a dot of clear nail polish on your knot. This will keep the knot from coming out.  
6. Trim ends close to bead so they don’t show. 
7. Wear and enjoy!


Necklaces are nice and easy to make!  Just string your beads and charms on the ball chain in any order you like!